A visit to the Watergate Bay is worthwhile because of the beautiful view alone. It almost doesn’t matter in which part of the hotel the room is, the view is worthwhile all around. A big advantage is that it is a quite free standing hotel building with a big outside area. Thus, a pleasantly free view is granted to all directions. Also the rooms themselves appear to be very open and free. Here, the guests do not feel constricted.

Personnel for all situations
The hotel has a lot of staff. This enables the guest to be helped in any situation. Whether a technician, a chambermaid or even a butler, the employees are quickly on site. If the television doesn’t work, it will be repaired or even replaced within a very short time. As VIP guest a special care is made possible. There are real butlers who are booked for the special hotel guests. No one has to wait long at the reception desk. The reception desk is well occupied. The staff is multilingual and can give good information to any questions.

A clean, well-kept hotel
In the Watergate Bay there is nothing to complain about. The rooms are very clean and neat. The bathroom fittings shine like new. The room furniture looks luxurious and robust at the same time. Nothing looks old or worn here. Care is taken to exchange faulty furniture and objects directly. The hotel is willing to pay a good price in order to maintain a high standard. Also hotel testers always have good ratings left for this hotel.